Battery Charger/Tailgate Lifter Coils

Trail-Link’s specialty products are designed for unique configurations and allow for adapting applications.

NEW: Trail-Link’s new 2 core polyurethane suzi coils are a safe and secure solution for trickle charging or auxiliary power supply between Prime Movers and Trailers, and between Trailers.

  • Manufactured in superior polyurethane coil preferred for its:
    • excellent coil memory
    • anti-abrasion
    • Oil, grease and chemical resistance
    • UV resistance
  • Available in 2 x 6mm² or 2 x 8mm²
  • Ideal for trickle charging for forklift batteries, rollback/tarp batteries, refrigerated trailer batteries, etc.
  • Does not require tapping into running lights, removes need for solar panels
  • Ideal solution for any auxiliary power source on a Trailer

Trail-Link’s speciality products include a high amp (200AMP) product range, suitable for:

  • Battery charging
  • Tailgate lifting
  • Jump-starting
  • Mechanical tarps
  • Heavy current draw applications

Coils are available with or without 2 pole plugs. Anderson type fittings available on request.