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FleetWEIGH Smart Scale Smart On-Board Mass System

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FleetWEIGH Smart OBM is Australia's first all in one, Bluetooth weigh scale and complete telematics solution for air suspension truck and trailers. FleetWEIGH displays your live truck weight straight to your smart device to help you load safely and legally. FleetWEIGH is the newest and most comprehensive offering to the On-Board Mass management market, type approved by Transport Certification Australia as a Smart OBM (Category B) system for use on high productivity vehicles. Combining the latest in Bluetooth and sensor technology, FleetWEIGH is road-ready for even the harshest Australian road conditions.

FleetWEIGH offers the fastest return on investment (ROI) of any Smart Scale, meaning you'll see the benefit to your bottom line even faster. FleetWEIGH is the most competitive solution on the market. Fully connected, to make it simple, your entire fleet is online, making it easy to access all fleet equipment that has FleetWEIGH fitted. Simply set up, select, and go.

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Why do I need a Smart OBM System?

You'll need a Smart OBM system if required by a road manager, regulator or other party which specifies, as a condition, either enrolment in TMA or a combination of TMA and IAP, where Smart OBM systems are required.

OBM Requirements Across Australian States:

Victoria: Smart OBM required for specific High Productivity Freight Vehicles (HPFVs) by 30 June 2023.

Tasmania: Certain Performance-Based Standards (PBS) vehicles need Smart OBM for designated road access.

Queensland: Specific Class 2 and Class 3 vehicles must adopt Smart OBM systems by 1 June 2024.

New South Wales: Eligible PBS vehicles should enrol in TMA PBS Level 1-4 Vehicle Monitoring scheme by 1 June 2024.

Fleetweigh Diagram

Fleetweigh Diagram

FleetWEIGH Application

The FleetWEIGH App allows you to select your vehicle combination from the calibrated vehicles available, after which the driver (and authorised admin) is able to view a clearly displayed weight of each vehicle within the line-of-sight range of the sensor.* TCA type-approved (Category B) Smart OBM system, FleetWEIGH can save your equipment profiles, pairing and calibration data on the Cloud for easy access across devices.

*30-50 metres range expected

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FleetWEIGH Features and Benefits

Fleetweigh Features & Benefits